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Please remember all forms must be filed with the Muscogee County Board of Assessors Office or the Muscogee County Tax Commissioners Office by the deadlines stated in the detailed information listed on this site. The Board of Assessors does not have the authority to relieve penalties or grant extensions for filing.

The following forms are in the PDF format. To install a free PDF reader click this link.

Tax Commissioners Office

Motor Vechicle Information

Board of Assessors Office

Instructions for Taxpayer's Notice of Appeal

Taxpayer's Notice of Appeal

Motor Vehicle Appeal

Exemption Forms

Questionnaire for a Nonprofit Home for the Mentally Disabled

Questionnaire for a Place of Religious Worship

Questionnaire for a Place of Burial

Questionnaire for Property of a College, Academy, or Seminary of Learning

Questionnaire for a Non-profit Home for the Aged

Questionnaire for Property of a Religious Group Used Only for a Single-Family Residence

Questionnaire of Property of a Non-profit Hospital

Questionnaire for an Institution of Purely Public Charity

Questionnaire for a Veterans Organization Refurbishing Operating and Displaying Military Aircraft

Questionnaire for a Housing Authority with a Private Enterprise Agreement

Standard Homestead Exemption
The standard homestead exemption available to all homeowners that occupy their home as a residence.
April 1 Deadline

Application for over age 65 $4000 County and $10000 School Tax Exemption
Homestead exemption for persons sixty-five (65) years of age or over.
April 1 Deadline

Application for over age 62 $10000 School Tax Exemption
Homestead exemption for persons sixty-two (62) years of age or over if gross income does not exceed $10,000.
April 1 Deadline

This assessment provides for the valuation of agricultural property at current use value rather than fair market value.
Please call The County Tax Assessors Office for information before submitting application.
April 1 Deadline

Taxpayer's Return of Real Property

Business Personal Property Form

Marine Form

Aircraft Form

Freeport Form